3 days left, don't stop now!!!

Sherry's team is bucking up, time grows short and voting has already shown to be a record levels.  Let's make sure Sherry gets a record level for her bid in the 27th.

Volunteering will help!  Money will help! YOU can help!!!!!

I made 150 calls today, how many can you make tomorrow?  The finish line is fast approaching.  I know Sherry is the best one for the job, let's make sure everyone knows it!

Out of all the calls I made, only 2 or 3 had voted.  One hadn't researched yet, which left a lot of people that may have heard for the first time!  One had already voted for Sherry!!!  That was a great call.  Let's pull out the stops and get this won!

Sherry will be the cat's meow in Lansing!  Let's get her there!!


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Sherry A Wells goes National!

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Green Power Needed!


Dear fellow Greens, I'll be honest. It's been really hard to campaign during this pandemic. I am writing you to ask for your help on the Sherry A Wells Campaign. The door hangers came in late and we need more helpers to hang them on voter's front doors in my district. We have to reach thousands of voters with these before Election Day if Sherry has any chance to win. We need more volunteers to get these out to the people. Would you please help? We need Canvassers, Phone Bankers, and people to be at the polls on election day! All help is appreciated. I will respond ASAP to anyone who offers help.

If you'd like to help volunteer please click here:


If you can't volunteer, Sherry could use some more donations to get some YouTube ads out before Election Day:


If you have any questions, please contact me at any time.

Frank Foster Jr.






sherwells@tm.net | (810) 893-0405

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Solidarity is Green!

Green Solidarity 2020

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Try The Greens

Try the Greens!!!!

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Did you ever wish you could spilt your ticket?

Watch the video and learn about a new option we have in splitting your vote.  Ease of voting a party ticket and vote for your favourite Greens too!  Not all races have a Green Party candidate, but you can still support Sherry and other Greens locally by voting and supporting us where you can.  

It may be a new thing for you, but it will make a difference.  A Green difference!

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Marijuana Town Hall Very Informative

Learning more about citizen concerns is what we do to understanding all sides of a topic.  Last night's discussion was very informative not just about cannabis policy but the long term effects of convictions under prior law and what is legal now.  Hearing from other candidates and experts helps us stay informed. 

Click the image to be linked to the town hall meeting recording!


Sherry noted "I checked on the 7 communities in my district for how it stands in them. 'The new Expungement law is too little and not going to take effect for 2 1/2 yrs. In my opinion, in her first 30 days, Gov. Whitmer should have released those in for charges now not illegal under Michigan law.' And I think those that have been kept in after the law came into effect need to be compensated. When Rev. Pinkney's conviction was overturned, he got $1000 for every month that he was in prison. We hope to have those who led the fight for legalization in the Town Hall to tell me what I need to work for in Lansing as a legislator."


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Possibility looks Green!

Potential, that what we have, POTENTIAL!  For that potential to be acted upon, we need to support and elect people who are driven by values, not self-interest.  The 10-minute spot below is all about that potential with the Green Party!  See what they have to say and then VOTE GREEN!


Support Greens!!


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Sherry Speaks out on Marijuana laws

Sherry shares some thought about marijuana and how if affects many with minor offenses, especially in our black communities.


"When I was in law school, many white fellow students were scurrying to get their single marijuana charge expunged. I understand that that is still going on, decades later. We know that young blacks were sent to prison."

"I am disappointed that within her first 30 days that Gov. Whitmer did not pardon everyone in prison for marijuana-related offenses that no longer violate Michigan law." "The new expungement law is inadequate, and not only for marijuana convictions."

Don't miss the marijuana town hall!  


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Town Halls

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