3 days left, don't stop now!!!

Sherry's team is bucking up, time grows short and voting has already shown to be a record levels.  Let's make sure Sherry gets a record level for her bid in the 27th.

Volunteering will help!  Money will help! YOU can help!!!!!

I made 150 calls today, how many can you make tomorrow?  The finish line is fast approaching.  I know Sherry is the best one for the job, let's make sure everyone knows it!

Out of all the calls I made, only 2 or 3 had voted.  One hadn't researched yet, which left a lot of people that may have heard for the first time!  One had already voted for Sherry!!!  That was a great call.  Let's pull out the stops and get this won!

Sherry will be the cat's meow in Lansing!  Let's get her there!!