Marijuana Town Hall Very Informative

Learning more about citizen concerns is what we do to understanding all sides of a topic.  Last night's discussion was very informative not just about cannabis policy but the long term effects of convictions under prior law and what is legal now.  Hearing from other candidates and experts helps us stay informed. 

Click the image to be linked to the town hall meeting recording!


Sherry noted "I checked on the 7 communities in my district for how it stands in them. 'The new Expungement law is too little and not going to take effect for 2 1/2 yrs. In my opinion, in her first 30 days, Gov. Whitmer should have released those in for charges now not illegal under Michigan law.' And I think those that have been kept in after the law came into effect need to be compensated. When Rev. Pinkney's conviction was overturned, he got $1000 for every month that he was in prison. We hope to have those who led the fight for legalization in the Town Hall to tell me what I need to work for in Lansing as a legislator."