On The Issues

Sherry A Wells: On The Issues

As an active member of the community, Sherry has been talking to voters in the 27th District for years. She has taken the time to learn the issues district residents are concerned with and will be an advocate for the people on a broad range of issues; including the following priorities:

Better Funding For Public Education

Sherry A Wells knows that everyone’s future is brighter when we invest in public education. She will advocate for increased funding for schools in our community. Sherry will work 

toward providing teachers and students with the necessary resources to ensure that all children receive an excellent education. 

“Michigan ranks low in Education in the US, especially in Special Education, due to inadequate and inequitable funding. Michigan pays $35,000 per prisoner but barely $10,000 per student. Voters are telling me funding should be increased. The people of the 27th District want all children to be set up for success in life and to have the best education possible.”

“Schools should not be organized for profit, but only for investing in students. When we invest in paying teachers fair salaries and make sure that students have the proper equipment and supplies, that’s an investment in our future”

 “What if we placed as great an emphasis on educating people in the trades as we do other careers? Michigan lacks skilled tradespersons and must increase training programs. There is dignity in being a tradesperson and jobs in the trades often pay very well because many are good union jobs.”

Cut Unnecessary Criminal Justice Spending

Criminal Justice spending has become wasteful and large expenses do not produce desirable results. Fro

m a cost/benefit perspective, our tax dollars are better spent elsewhere. There is no justification for continuing to spend exorbitant amounts on minor offenses, victimless crimes, and matters that are better handled by social workers and other professionals. 

"The Criminal Justice system is costly. Too many offenses are "crimes." Due to bail being too often assessed and too high, our jails are filled. Lower-income families in the 27th District are often financially and psychologically devastated when we jail young fathers and leave young mothers alone, struggling to raise a child.” 

“There must be a triage in every incident to determine whether mental health, substance abuse or actual criminal intent is present and action is taken accordingly. There needs to be treatment and diversion alternatives to expensive jailhouses.”

“We need comprehensive Gun Sense legislation. I lost one divorce client to gun violence. I will continue to support and press for the Red Flag bill, better background checks, gun safety.”

Green Jobs In The 27th District

The 27th District needs new jobs that are in sustainable energy fields. Technologies such as solar and wind farms and geothermal energy can bring green jobs to the 27th District. Sherry will advocate bringing accessible job training and good green jobs to her constituents.

“Speaking of work, let's create jobs to fill sustainable energy needs.” 

“There is no excuse for poverty in the wealthiest nation when we can have living wages, wage equity, paid sick leave, health care for all, child care, and more, as other democracies have proven possible.” 

Increase Public Services

Strengthen services for single-parent families. Get people out of the cold and into warming centers, and ultimately places of their own. Connect people to existing resources and expand them as needed during these challenging times, which affect not only low income but also those who were in the middle-income levels. Sherry will strive to ensure assistance to those in need in the 27th District. Sherry supports increased funding for programs like WIC and the Family Independence Program as an investment in people in the 27th District.

“Expand a transit system, especially in the Metropolitan Detroit region, to get people to their jobs, to schools and medical appointments which would help reduce pollution, traffic and need for excess parking areas.”

“I know that we can get through any crisis if we stick together and support each other. I will listen to parents and guardians and learn about the challenges you’ve faced during this pandemic to help provide a better future for you and all children.”

Experience & “Reaching Across the Aisle”

Experience counts and Sherry A Wells has the most leadership experience of any candidate in the race. Every district is different. Legislators vote on issues that affect other parts of the state, so she has been learning about realities and concerns in those areas. She will focus on necessary repairs for our district without hurting the machine as a whole.

“Serving on Ferndale's Charter Revision Commission taught me that you don't need to like everyone on the team to work together to get the ball between the goalposts.”


"As your representative, I will listen to you, learn from you, and legislate FOR you."

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